Our staff are qualified in fishery management and our business is a full-time operation. With over 30 years experience in the UK and Europe, and equipment worth in excess of £100,000 there is not a fishery related task we can not handle.

We regularly use electro-fishing equipment and have four different sets to suit every situation. We have developed techniques to maximise success on those sites where netting can be difficult, in particular in areas of weed and debris. Our full understanding of these methods ensures we provide a cost-effective and reliable service.

As well as harvesting fish, we regularly undertake stock surveys for clubs and water owners. We have noticed an increasing demand for this work in recent years as cormorant and otter predation has taken its toll on many water's stocks. Our expertise, enables us to provide an accurate assessment of the fish in a water.

Surveying can be carried out in conjunction with consultancy work for which a reduced fee is charged.

We can catch and remove unwanted fish from sites, as well as hold fish while remedial work is carried out.