Solar Paddle Wheel Aerator


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Solar Paddle Wheel Aerator

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The cost effective alternative where power is unavailable

Our new solar powered paddle wheel aerator is the next generation aeration solution for fisheries without power. Most fisheries now know the vital part aeration plays in good fishery management, and now you can achive this without the need for power.

The eO2 capacity of 420 watts of high efficiency, lightweight solar panels, coupled to a 24v DC motor enables this aerator to be sited anywhere on a lake providing instant aeration during daylight hours. The 4 customised paddles enable an O2 capacity similar to our 1hp paddle wired paddle wheel.

Through replacement of the glass and optimization of the frame, the eArche panel weighs as much as 70% less than conventional PV panels. eArche combines a unique, patented material with other industry-leading technologies to produce superior flexible crystalline-silicon panel.

They are a very simple system. The sun comes out they spin. They do NOIT store any power so will not work an night. For 24hr, off grid aeration have a look at our windmills

Compared to the cost of a wired system, we estimate a solar system will be comparable in cost after 18 months use once you take into account wiring cost, electric costs, and machine costs. This is as long as you do have to have electric bought onto site which can cost many thousands of pounds.

Supplied as a self assembly kit. Takes around 1 hour to put together. 

Due to the size of the solar panels we usually deliver these units ourselves, so please allow extra time for delivery.


Solar Paddle Wheel Specifications

Power 420w
Voltage DC 24V
Total weight 70kg
Aerobic capacity ≥0.8 kg/h