Fish Stocks

We can supply a full range of live coarse fish for restocking into the countries lakes, rivers, ponds and canals.

Stocking fish can be expensive and sometimes unnecessary. To avoid mistakes, we can help advise on:

  • The correct stocking density, which is often governed by soil structure and size of water
  • What species, numbers and sizes are the most suitable to stock (always taking into consideration your own expectations)
  • Economics of a stocking plan
  • The pitfalls

We can help with the relevant stocking consents from the Environment Agency if required, as well as helping to register your water with CEFAS.

Fish of up to and including ten inches in length are normally sold by the inch/cm and over ten inches by the pound/kg of weight. The ten inch and under are hand counted in water (never dry). This is a tedious and often an uncomfortably cold job, but it is accurate.

While we don’t require any payment in advance, payment is required with each consignment on delivery once you are happy with your order.

Download a full price list HERE