Windmill Aerator


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Windmill Aerators

Simple aeration powered by the wind

Fishkit is pleased to be appointed as Koenders UK agent. They are the world’s leading supplier of windmill aeration systems, being voted number 1 in North America and Canada. These windmills will function in wind speeds as low as 3mph, once again negating the need for available mains power. They help reduce algae, add oxygen, circulate the water and maintain an ice free area in the winter.

Koenders windmills use a strong, cross brace reinforcement design. Large-surface blades have been engineered for efficient operation in varying wind speeds, a large diaphragm allows the windmill to save energy while still producing maximum air volume. A large tail provides maximum control and ensures efficient overall operation; a rigid tail arm further ensures wind control. A top-mounted compressor is connected through a pivot tube. Koenders Windmills can be located approximately 1,000 feet from the water source.

Supplied with 2 x 100' rolls of poly pipe. Use short sections of scaffold pipe to sink the hose to the bottom, or buy an extra roll of weighted airline. The diffuser is equipped with an internal check valve to eliminate water from entering the hose when the turbine is not operating in low-wind conditions.

We supply the double diaphragm version with a 16’ tower height with two diffusers for an area of up to 2 acres.

They all come in kit form for easy assemble along with many instructional videos on the Koenders website.