'TRIPLE f' - Fish Food


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A coarse feed that plays an essential part in any successful fishery

The importance of supplementary feeding is acknowledged by fishery owners. It increases stocking density whilst ensuring strong, healthy fish. This food will enable your fish to be caught regularly and remain in good condition.

Having become frustrated with the choice and high expense of pelleted high protein fish food, we have now produced our own brand of feed 'TRIPLE f'.

After a year of development and highly successful trials, 'TRIPLE f' is nutritionally balanced, includes sensible levels of protein and contains hemp which fish find irresistible.

The lower price should also be irresistible to you!

Over 30 years of farming coarse fish puts us in an exceptional position to advise you on feeding programmes, helping you to achieve the full potential from your fish and fishery.

Supplied in 20kg sacks.