Collapsible Mesh Crayfish Trap


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Collapsible Mesh Crayfish Traps

The most efficient, UK legal, way of catching freshwater crayfish

We have had these traps specially made to comply with UK trap regulations, many you see for sale do not. They are constructed from spring loaded wire and rot proof nylon mesh.

Fully collapsible, easy to store in a bag, caravan, motorhome etc.

They feature a large zip opening to retrieve your catch along with a zipped built-in bait pocket and attached lanyard.

Please be aware our traps have an opening of no more than 95mm, ensuring mammals such as otters cannot be caught in them.

The rule is: "A legal trap will always have an entrance less than 200mm and if it is greater than 95mm will need an otter guard fitted."


Collapsible Mesh Crayfish Trap Dimensions

Length 595mm
Width 300mm
Mesh Width 12mm
Entrance 90mm