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The Hedgehog

Revolutionary Fish Refuge

You can catch a fish from it, but the Cormorant can’t.
Rust & Rot Free - Lightweight - Simple to Install - Simple to Move - Low Cost - You Can fish into it.

  • The Hedgehog is the new simple way of making a fish refuge at low cost.
  • DEFRA funded research has shown refuges can reduce predation by 80%.
  • Made of PVC, it has a superior lifespan to metal cages.
  • It can be easily installed and moved.
  • You can cast into, and catch fish from the Hedgehog without fear of losing fish.
  • Any size of fish can use the Hedgehog, bigger fish are not gilled or damaged, which can happen with wire refuges.
  • The pipe is black, we do not usually paint them as they soon get covered in algae.
  • Place in groups to create a reef, or singly per peg on match fisheries for a feature to cast to.

The Hedgehog is available in different sizes for different water depths

SizeDepthCost of 1Cost of 3Cost of 12

Please note all prices are + VAT.