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  • Diffused Air Aeration
  • Diffused Air Aeration

Air Diffusers

Using micro bubbles to circulate water from the lake bed to the surface

Our diffused aeration systems are an efficient but simple way of getting aeration to many areas of a pond/lake. One system can even cover two or three different pools at the same time.

The complete aeration system comes in three different sizes. The ¼ hp is suitable for small pools up to an acre, ½ hp up to two acres and ¾ hp is capable of managing up to four acres.

The systems use a rocking piston compressor, which is a traditional tried and tested method, designed for continuous use. Installed in a heavy duty locking cabinet, built to withstand all weather conditions. The cabinet comes with a solid support base, which will assist a level installation. Within the cabinet is a cooling fan and a heat protection hose leading to an external manifold, which means all you have to do is connect the weighted air hoses and diffusers.

The weighted airlines lead to the disc diffusers. These diffusers are mounted on a clever weighted base, which allows the disc to sit firmly attached but proud of the bottom. These EPDM discs are designed for heavy duty installation. The perforated slits in the diffusers open when the air is flowing, but close when it stops. These diffusers offer the lowest back pressure on the market, contributing to an extremely efficient running of the pump.

The micro bubbles draw water from the floor of the lake to the surface, creating huge columns of oxygenated water. These large bodies of oxygenated water, will also help deter algae growth, odour and help prevent fish kills. With no moving or electrical parts in the water, they also provide a very safe method of introducing oxygen. The weighted diffusers and air lines are also popular with boaters and anglers.

Features and benefits

  • Rocking Piston Compressor includes air filter and air manifold system
  • Full locking metal cabinet in green
  • Support Base
  • Built in GFI outlet
  • Cross flow ventilation fan
  • Easy install and operation
  • Heavy weather resistant
  • Weighted airlines
  • 6 or 8 disc diffusers
  • Air diffuser platforms
  • Very quiet running

The Hedgehog is available in different sizes for different water depths

Aeration System
(compressor with Cabinet)
Cabinet system componentsPowder coated cabinet, cooling fan, GFI electrical box outlet, cabinet base
Compressor size½ hp, 220v,60hz¾ hp, 220v, 60hz
Suggested lake size½ - 2 acres 8-40ft deepUp to 4 acres 10-40ft deep
Dimensions with base L x W x H (mm)513 x 513 x 472
Weight with base (kg)27.135.0
Model & number diffusers
All 224mm
MDB12 x 3
6 discs
MDB12 x 4
8 discs
Weighted airline100ft x 3100ft x 4
Cost (+ VAT)£2,041.67£2,458.33

The cabinet should be located above pond water level in an area which will not flood. It should also be within 50 feet of the lake edge. Do not bury the cabinet as it needs good ventilation.

Delivery is free of charge for all systems, we also offer a full installation service. Please get in contact to discuss your needs.

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See our Diffused Lake Aeration Systems in action.