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  • Bic Boat 245
  • Bic 245 Boat

Bic 245 Boats

A hard wearing, light-weight, versitile boat

Exceptionally light, solidly built, incredibly long-lasting and stable, Bic boats have built a solid reputation in the world of leisure boating. This midsized dinghy combines the best features of those other legendary boats that are the Bic 252 and the Sportyak. Light weight, easy to transport, giving you excellent glide when you row, it can also be fitted with an electric motor.From carrying men and equipment, or getting out to the best fishing spots. There are almost no limits for this super safe and versatile boat!

The unsinkable catamaran hull gives the best possible stability. It means you can load up on one side of the boat without fear of capsizing. This shape with flat lateral sections gives also an exceptional glide, with an efficient anti-drift. The wheels are integrated into the design of the hull. Integrated handles are user friendly.

The Bic 245's wheels are integrated into the design of the hull and don’t in any way affect its performance on water. You can load all your equipment in the boat and take it easily down to the water’s edge.

  • Length: 8' 1"
  • Width: 3' 11"
  • Weight: 86 lbs
  • Capacity: 3 persons

Accessories included with the dinghy:

2 Oars, 3 Rowlocks, 3 Rowlock brackets, 2 Cockpit eyelets, 1 Rope, 1 Seat, 2-Wheel System.


Bic Boat 245