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  • Paddle Wheel Lake Aerators
  • Paddle Wheel Lake Aerators

Paddle-Wheel Aerators

Provention of low oxygen levels and ice build up

Increased aeration can transform a fishery by promoting extended feeding. During hot weather, dissolved oxygen levels may fall dramatically, resulting in fish becoming torpid. A feeding fish may have an oxygen requirement three times the level of a non-feeding fish. Aerators can maintain a more consistent level of dissolved oxygen which will also add long term health benefits for the fish stocks.

Paddle-wheel aerators resemble miniature versions of the paddle wheels normally associated with steamers on the Mississippi River. When operational, each partly-submerged wheel turns through a vertical plane, causing the water to become aerated as the blade chop into the water. Water raised by the paddle then falls back into the fishery with a much higher oxygen level. Paddle-wheel aerators can create a wake up to 50 meters behind them.

As a rule of thumb, paddle-wheel aerators are 50 per cent more efficient than either air-injection devices or air-diffusion methods. Surface agitators can be controlled with a time switch. As soon as they are switched on they work at 100 per cent efficiency. This is a major benefit as they can be used between dusk and dawn, the period of lowest oxygen concentrations, thereby preventing seasonal de-oxygenation problems.

  • High quality motor designed for the aquaculture industry
  • Low friction gear box
  • HDPE floats
  • High performance nylon impeller
  • 50% more efficient than other aerators
  • 1 or 3 phase
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Supplied as an easy to assemble kit, or we can supply and fit

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